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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Welcome to oliver's Pug Puppies Store

      We are members of the Pug Dog Club Of America. We also test for PDE susceptibility. We consider ourselves guardians of the breed and our purpose is to better the breed through selective breeding. When we do a breeding we hope to produce our next puppy that will excel in the show ring and/or the whelping box. However, occasionally we will have puppies available to approved homes. We  all are a family of Pug Lovers who have taken time and developed a small breeding program. We do care about pugs of ALL colors as we raise only Pugs. We deal mostly with pugs with common colors you will find around like, fawn, apricot, black, white, and brindle pugs.  our primary objective is to breed pugs that will meet and exceed the standards in terms of temperaments and  to be amazing family pets . We specializes in pugs with short faced, Cobby , low to the ground,and wrinkly balls of love. we make them  our pets first thus allowing them live in our home with our family.

       We have been with pugs  since 2006, after getting enough knowledge on pugs, I decided to take the breed forward made up my mind as the  breed that I would be interested in raising. it was a great experience as I wasn’t disappointed and have been enjoying them ever since. They are truly Clowns in the Dog World.  we treated them like family members,they by giving them full access to the house, yard and  pool,but strictly when their life jackets are on.

Its advisable to do your  homework properly when looking for a new pet that will be with you for 12-14 years puppy mills do exist everywhere and you should not be in a haste  to make a choice which will obviously be your best friend.its important to note that  health issues have not been transfer to them. It does not actually ends at getting just the papers . You should be able to get a clue of where  your dog is coming from and the breeder's details as well as his/her role in the breeding process to  better the breed. It takes much to breed it does not ends at putting two dogs together and getting offspring.    we are not out to sell  to brokers, puppy mills or those who believe so much in in the breeding of designer pugs or pugs  that are  different  from the recognized color standard of Fawn or Black. 

     All of our pugs are sold on a non-breeding and a spay/neuter contract, we might just have to come to an agreement before that is done. 

     Before making a decision  to choose the Pug as the breed for your family, make sure adequate or necessary knowledge on rearing/training have been gotten.its true they are a wonderful creatures in the dog world ,but not everyone could easily go with them  Before buying, do some reading as well as talking  with breeders and currently owned pugs family .get to know the ups and down before taking home a new baby. Talking and answering questions about this breed makes us more happy,so do not hesitate to face us with questions or visits

Home of Quality Fawn and black pugs

Home of Quality Fawn and black pugs

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